Ford Mondeo Estate Dog Pod

4 July 2017


So – it’s finally here! We have for some time now been developing a brand new conversion on based on a Ford Mondeo Estate. Lots of reasons for this but mostly because it’s a great vehicle which can accommodate the specification required by the Police and Emergency Services. We have engaged closely with our different work providers and dog handlers for this project so we are pretty confident that the finished design is fit for purpose and will be well received.

We bought a nearly new Mondeo Estate to do the development and now have a demonstrator vehicle which can be loaned out if required.

The basic specification of the design is as follows:- 

  • Lightweight 3mm GRP molded DEFRA/RSPCA specification two kennel unit (maximizing internal vehicle space)
  • Electronic operated drop down emergency escape hatches with manual over ride. The emergency escape hatches are constructed from 12mm PETG material with an aluminium frame.
  • Polypropylene acoustic front bulkhead (noise tested)
  • Removable ‘Foamlite’ 14mm 50/50 centre divider   (option for 60/40 split)
  • Kennel drainage holes
  • Fully sealed watertight base Ventilation holes in top of kennel for powered fan or fletner vent
  • Rear stainless steel doors with locking slam latch Meets DEFRA/RSPCA guidelines
  • Air-con ducting into rear of vehicle (not directly into kennel unit)
  • Large storage unit with non-slip top surface to front of kennel
  • All materials used in the kennel construction have been selected for strength, weight, longevity, animal welfare and non-absorption of water, fluids etc.

One of the many features of the design is that it can be easily installed (within about half a day) and can literally be removed within minutes. This also means it can be re-used if the vehicle is involved in an accident, or fit into another vehicle if required.

We are hoping that this will be of interest to public and private sector dog handlers alike. Please feel free to contact   01200 444455 for further information.