Security Dog Vehicle

1 August 2018

We have just finished our latest security dog vehicle installation. This time our customer was K9 Mobile Security   who travelled all the way up from Plymouth to have the conversion carried out in our workshops. It was great working with K9 as they knew exactly what they wanted and it was important that they found a kennel unit which would accommodate their biggest dog ‘Duke’. They wanted a kennel unit which looked robust and at the same time professional. The  installation process was against the clock and the downtime on the vehicle had to be kept to a minimum as this security dog vehicle  was required to be operational right away.

Jon set off at 2am on Wednesday 25th July and drove all the way up to Lancashire, arriving at 8am, just in time for our workshops to open. We were determined to carry out the installation within just one day and had the installation kit and dog kennel unit all ready on the floor to go. All went well with the only slight problem being the Ford Mondeo Estate had a sun roof which we hadn’t anticipated! This meant valuable space above the kennel unit had been lost and we had to make some modifications to the roof to get the kennel to fit in. Unfortunately the fit out ran in to the next day but by lunch time Jon was driving his completed vehicle away and was delighted with the end result.

We know from experience that a security dog vehicle has to be fit for purpose. Generally the dogs are German Shepherds or other large breeds which need an adequate amount of space and the kennel sizes need to be right in terms of design. We are confident we have developed the perfect solution for a security dog vehicle and the Ford Mondeo is the perfect platform on which to base it.