Folding dog crate

26 April 2018

Sneaky peak!

It’s almost time we can unveil our brand new innovative folding dog crate! We’ve been working away on this for some time now and we are almost at the point of the big reveal.

After doing our research we established that there are no ‘folding’ dog kennel products on the market (well we couldn’t find any!) It is really easy to assemble and can be put together in a matter of seconds. It will carry either one large or two smaller dogs and will fit into the back of most estate vehicles. The plan is to build different sizes of unit which will then accommodate most models of vehicle and dog alike.

Its made from aluminium and steel and has a robust powder coating which makes it very durable and easy to clean. It has good ventilation for your dog which makes it safe for those rare warmer days.

Our folding dog crate comes in its own durable carrier which also doubles up as a boot and bumper protector. All in all it’s win win for both you, your vehicle and most of all your dog.

Watch this space for more details of pricing and launch date.