Car Kennels

25 July 2018

Car kennels come in many shapes and sizes, also referred to as dog vehicles, animal transportation, dog boxes and many other names. Here at James Alpe Ltd we have many years experience in converting both cars and vans into dog carrying vehicles. We have worked for dog walkers, security companies, vets, dog breeders, security dog handlers, Police, Prison Service, and many other individuals and companies who need a method of safely moving dogs about.

The advantage of James Alpe car kennels  is that they are lightweight yet robust, completely sealed, they can be re-used in different vehicles and provide a safe solution for animal transportation. Having worked closely with different organisations on different designs we are confident our car kennels will tick most boxes for ease of use. Most kennel units are designed with doors at the rear and emergency escape hatches at the front of the unit. We also incorporate removable centre dividers if required, drainage hols, ventilation, mats, electric and wind powered fans, lighting, temperature sensors, in car cameras and pretty much anything you need to keep your dogs safe & happy.

Our car kennels can be supplied as an ‘off the shelf’ product or a bespoke unit specifically for your own make and model of car. Please see our gallery for examples of recent conversions or give us a call on 01200 444455 to discuss you requirements.

Below is an example of a car kennel designed specifically for a Ford Mondeo Estate. We are currently offering this as a complete vehicle at a discounted price as an ex-demonstator.

Car Kennel