James Alpe Vehicle Conversions have built up a strong reputation with Fire & Rescue organisations for building high quality, fit for purpose dog vehicles. Mostly these builds are on Transit or Vivaro sized vehicles where two, three or even four dogs can be accommodated. We have carried out many conversions on different types of vehicle and fully understand the operational requirements for these vehicles. We work closely with rescue teams to ensure that the final vehicle is fit for purpose, safe and ticks all the offices for the dog handlers and users.

In addition to the kennel units we provide:

  • Kennel ventilation
  • Air-con ducting or evaporator
  • Hand wash
  • Storage
  • Water/Food storage
  • Wet area
  • Secure storage
  • Insulation and vehicle lining
  • Acoustic bulkhead & sound proofing
  • Internal & external lighting
  • Radios and communications equipment
  • Parking sensors & cameras
  • Temperature sensors (kennels)
  • Sirens, beacons etc.
Mid Wales Fire & Rescue Dog Vehicle

Mid Wales Fire & Rescue Dog Vehicle

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