Our combined dog and cat pods are ideal for animal rescue centres. We have designed a unit which combines two dog kennels with compartments above for three large cat baskets and supplied these to many rescue centres and RSPCA branches across the UK.

This design can be adapted and made smaller or larger depending on the size of animals to be carried. The image shown is the latest unit we built for a number of animal sanctuary’s around the UK. This model is for small and medium sized dogs but we also build a larger unit to accommodate German Shepherds and larger animals. The units can also be built to accommodate six or even nine cats in secure trays to accommodate different sized baskets.

These units are easily secured into small vans and then they are ready to go! Additional features can be added such as roof vents, flooring, mats, temperature sensors, air-conditioning etc.

These units do not come with emergency doors as standard but this feature can easily be added if required.

Standard two kennel, three cat dog pod in Vauxhall Combo

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