James Alpe Vehicle Conversions are the company of choice when it comes to building DEFRA and RSPCA approved Dog vehicles for Police and Emergency Service vehicles.

We have many years in building many different types of vehicles for Dog handlers, dog trainers, puppy handlers etc.

We have worked closely with both vehicle manufacturers and Police Fleet Managers and users to design and build lightweight, cost effective, fit for purpose dog conversions on both cars and commercial vehicles.

Our designs include two, three, four and six kennel configurations (which have been subject to crash testing).

We have worked for a large number of Police Forces across the UK and fulfilled many different contracts for dog vehicle conversions. We fully understand the operational requirements of each type of vehicle and can translate this into the design and build of vehicles which satisfy the welfare of dogs and the approval of handlers!

Recent projects include:

  • Response Dog Conversions
  • Dog Training Vehicles (Six Kennel)
  • Dog Training Vehicles (Three Kennel)
  • Puppy Training Vehicles
  • Search & Rescue Dog Conversions
  • Multi-Purpose Dog/Firearms Vehicles
Skoda Octavia 3 Kennel dog vehicle

Skoda Octavia 3 Kennel dog vehicle

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