3 Kennel dog unit

16 August 2017

We have just finished installing our latest 3 kennel dog unit. This project was designed around a smaller sized van (Nissan NV200). The brief was to design a three dog unit which would be capable of safely transporting all sizes of dog but in particular have a dangerous dog catching facility. The 3 kennel unit we designed is made from 6mm white polypropylene. The two large kennels at the rear have a removable pull out centre divider which means the rear unit can either be one huge or two large kennels. In front of the two rear units there is a transverse kennel running across the width of the vehicle.  There are emergency hatches in both the rear kennels which allow the dogs to escape into the front kennel if required. All the kennel gates are made from stainless steel box section and have a ‘grabber hole’ which is cut out of the main kennel gates. Above the kennel unit is a large lipped storage area which is divided into two large and two smaller sections. The kennels meet RSPCA/DEFRA guidelines in terms of kennel size and specification. The kennels are strong, robust, easy to clean out and maintain. The other advantage of this 3 kennel dog unit is that it will fit into most medium – large vans. It can also be re-used at the end of the vehicles life so it makes a worth while investment. If you would like more information or pricing on any other configuration of dog kennel unit, please call us on 01200 452100 or visit www.jamesalpe.co.uk or www.dog vehicles.co.uk and have a look at our galleries.